Friday, 21/12/2018


Spazio Italia whishes you a Merry Christmas and a charming New Year!

Our office will be closed from 24/12/2018 till 08/01/2019.

Friday, 21/12/2018


With over fifty years of experience Budri is worldwide leader in Artistic Italian Marble Inlay. The unparalleled experience at the international level in the execution of major, complex, largescale customized projects as private villas, fashion brand boutiques, hotels and prestigious buildings, together with inspiration and interpretation skills have contributed to establish Budri’s strong reputation as “Maestro dell’Intarsio”.

Budri is the ideal partner for projects requiring the excellence of Italian craftsmanship, know-how and production capacity. The new Headquarters Budri cover an area of 8000 sqm; production plant, the inlay atelier, the marble “library” and the two showrooms. Budri collaborates with architects and designers supporting them as expert partner in all development phases of their projects. All production takes place in Italy and concludes with the final testing and inspection before layout and polishing on site.

Thursday, 06/12/2018


We invite you to visit the new web site of Novamobili!

Tuesday, 25/09/2018


Oldline designs furnishing solutions in which beauty and functionality combine harmoniously to create a durable kitchen.

Oldline offers a range of unique services with regard to flexibility, materials research, refined processing and customised details for each project.

Sunday, 01/07/2018


MASIERO, specialists in top-end decorative lighting, are based in Casale sul Sile near Treviso in northern Italy.

MASIERO's creations embody raw materials worked by highly qualified craftsmen in Italy and elsewhere, transformed and assembled in house: iron, brass and steel for the frames; silk organza, Le Bock shantung, pongé and Damask silk for the shades; Asfour, Bohemia and Swarowski crystal for the pendants; and Bassano ceramics for the roses. The most recent product lines also feature turned wood, resin and methacrylate.

Top quality materials and manufacturing, a flair for technology and design and a prestigious brand name: these are the elements that combine to make MASIERO unique.

Web site:

Saturday, 09/06/2018


Sitap is a family business in which passion, innovation and tradition have been the driving force for over sixty years. It was 1955 when Mario Bosoni, a bright businessman from Piacenza, decided to make his way into the furniture trade, specializing in the production of natural-fibre carpeting and the sale of modern-design carpets. From this experience, in 1993 came Sitap.

Sitap‘s collections draw inspiration from high fashion creations: just like the latest creations paraded on runways around the world, our carpets are renewed every season, allowing countless combinations of patterns, colours and materials under the mark of Italian elegance.
A carpet is like a tailored suit: it has to be a perfect fit. That’s why Sitap makes custom-made carpets, guiding each customer in the choice of patterns and materials best suited to their style and needs. Customers can then get their own unique carpets that are the ideal complement to their homes.
Sitap’s Contract Division develops customized solutions for business companies, hotels, offices, architects and interior designers. The Centro Stile can provide specifically made materials and designs. Just like a business card, a carpet reflects the identity of a setting and contributes to create a warm, refined atmosphere in any room.

Web site:

Thursday, 29/03/2018


ALBERTA was founded in 1978 in Italy’s north east, a land inspired by tradition based on the natural creativity of the local people and the Centuries-old spirit of Venetian artistry.

The company produces sofas and armchairs with timeless classic or modern styling as well as exclusive interior design pieces, all from extraordinarily high-quality materials. Authentic artisan skill and genuine passion combine to produce new pieces based on original ideas and fresh perspectives. Company founder Giuseppe Sbroggiò is driven to design and produce pieces which are the perfect balance between functionality and style, a drive he shares with his sons Riccardo, Vittorio and Edoardo as well as with his entire staff.

Thursday, 15/02/2018


We invite you to visit the new web site of FM Bottega d'Arte!

Thursday, 01/02/2018


The group has diversified its product range and design approach over the years, taking three different directions, each independent and with its own vision.Today, Battistella Company presents the domestic and international market with an offering consisting in three lines: Novamobili, Nidi and Cinquanta3.

Novamobili. A furniture project capable of creating elegant, comfortable home interiors, where modular systems are designed
to bring together function and aesthetics. Novamobili strives to
meet the demands of contemporary lifestyles with its range of clean-lined
designs and extensive choice of finishes, stemming from research into materials and texture and its application to interiors.

Friday, 26/01/2018

VARASCHIN: a virtual tour in the company showroom

Finally, our showroom is online!

Google has created for Varaschin a virtual tour through the corporate showroom Landscapes to allow visitors from all over the world to "enter" the company and "walk" among the products of the Outdoor Therapy collections.
Find the products you like, click on the white arrows to get nearer and click on the "info" symbol to find out more about your favorite collection:

Friday, 22/12/2017


Spazio Italia whishes you a Merry Christmas and a charming New Year!

Our office will be closed from 25/12/2017 till 08/01/2018.

Wednesday, 29/11/2017

BRUNELLO 1974: new catalogues CAMELIA and AIX

A warm provencal breeze enfolds the new Aix collection by Brunello. There is nothing like being surrounded by furniture with a romantic, fresh and bright style... such as Aix, the collection by Brunello that revisits the cosy and fragrant mood of Provence. Its evocative and unique ambience, with a genuine and elegant charm, is dressed in bright and pastel shades.Its colours and patterns evoke nature, its fragrances, such as the distinguishing scent of lavender fields. The same intensity and refinement of lavender essence distinguish the collection of our company, which represents the excellence of made in Italy.

Design, Italian tradition, care for details and aesthetics guide Brunello philosophy, that presents a collection of furniture that is born from the best traditional handicraft.
Aix carries on the heritage of Italian handicraft, choosing first quality materials with great care for the manufacturing process. Skilful hands model these creations from the finest wood, following traditional procedures with a great
passion for design.
The outcome is a chic country-style, elegant and cosy, a love for freshness and naturalness and a passion for wood.
Aix, a collection with a natural spirit and a chic charm.

Monday, 13/11/2017


Whoever appreciates our style, will also accept our way of life, a vision of the outdoor world, solely Varaschin. Our goals are to create new ways of behaving. This catalogue expresses a cultural model that defines the details of the project only after having analyzed its functionality. Experience, history, style, combines with taste, humility and passion. This mix transfers the soul of our vision. A product that makes you feel good, designed to live outdoors to amplify values and to underline details.

In defining a product there is not only design, but sensoriality too. Our history is made of culture but also of experience in researching harmonic combinations and proportions. A detail can make the difference. A detail can give birth to an entire project, an adventure without barriers. A product is complete when there is a balance between form and decoration. Once there is anything to add or to remove, the matter takes shape and celebrates its personality.

Wednesday, 25/10/2017


New design philosophies define ME and my systems, the latest catalogue signed by MisuraEmme. A picture story that sums up the best of the day collection, conceived to satisfy the tastes and needs of an increasingly diverse, international clientele. Refined combinations and exclusive mood feature the new interiors thanks to valuable materials, glamorous finishes and fabrics with multiple color variations. For a new living concept, embracing quality, innovation and respect for the environment.

ME and my systems is a journey to discover the great products by MisuraEmme, which is faithful to the traditional emphasis on high quality, whilst also being a wise interpreter of new trends in the furniture field. An excellence in Made in Italy that makes the Como-based company a well-known brand, appreciated worldwide

Thursday, 05/10/2017


Dear friends! We are looking forward to meet you 11-14th of October at furniture fair ISaloni 2017 in Crocus Expo (Moscow) - the best interiors' show in the world! You will see the best new collections of furniture and home accessories at the stands:

Agoprofil - Hall 7 Stand А34–А37
Francesco Pasi - Hall 8 Stand B59
Oldline - Hall 8 Stand A10
Scic - Hall 7 Stand B01

Friday, 29/09/2017


Nata nel 1962 a Scorzé (Venezia) per poi trasferirsi nella vicina Salzano, LEUCOS è un punto di riferimento nel settore dell’illuminazione decorativa in vetro grazie alla sua capacità di esplorare differenti possibilità produttive e creative contemporanee.

Architetti e designer, provenienti da diverse aree culturali, hanno trovato e trovano tuttora in LEUCOS un’azienda di eccellenza in grado di coniugare la sapiente lavorazione artigianale del vetro con i processi industriali e le più affidabili tecnologie.

Thursday, 14/09/2017


Francesco Pasi has released a new catalogue where you can find mirrors, frames, lamps and various home decorations from the collection 2017.

Born in 1975 from Pasi family’s passion for Italian high quality furnishing, the Francesco Pasi Srl has its trade-mark in quality and in the highest manufacturing care. Inspired to the manufacturing trends of the Veneto region and in general to the classical Italian style, Francesco Pasi’s lines are studied suitably for the company by a specialized design studio, and they are branded and patented to guarantee the originality and the unicity of the furniture.

Monday, 28/08/2017


Extremely comfortable and artistic kitchen Programma Labirinto produced by SCIC was first time presented during Milan furniture fair ISaloni 2017.

The source of inspiration for new kitchen became at the same time establsihed bamboo installation Labirinto in Milan showroom of SCIC created by Franco Maria Ricci, graphic designer and publisher of fantastic books about arts, creator of SCIC logo in 1963. Kitchen fronts were created by designer Giovanni Bressana with special oxidation method, he also was ispired by Franco Maria Ricci's installation Labirinto and his project Labyrinth of Masones, the largest bamboo labyrinth in the world.

Thursday, 24/08/2017


The unique Italian style of the Bellagio collection perfectly suits also all living areas. Bellagio Home is the first Home Collection by SCIC presented during Milan furniture fair 2017 in showroom of SCIC at Via Durini, 19. The Bellagio Home collection is inspired by the fashion world and fits the house with style and elegance.

Wardrobe with reflective bronze glass doors, chest of drawers and dressers. Bellagio Home, composition for the bathroom area. Double washbasin over Emperador marble top with Matelassé "Bianco Sale" lacquered doors and legs in "Noce Canaletto". The new elements of the Bellagio Home collection create a stylish and coherent harmony between the kitchen, the dining and the living area.

Sunday, 06/08/2017


Our office will be closed from 10th till 23rd of August 2017We wish you a nice holiday!

Closures of our brands:
AGOPROFIL - 7th August – 1st September
BRUNELLO 1974 – 11th August – 11th September
CHIARA PROVASI – 1st-28th August
DE PADOVA – 10th-27th August
FM BOTTEGA D'ARTE – 7th -27th August
FRANCESCO PASI – 4th-29th August
GLAS ITALIA – 4th-28th August
MERONI&COLZANI – 5th-27th August
MISURAEMME – 7th August – 3rd September
OLDLINE – 7th-25th August
REXA DESIGN - 5th-27th August
SCIC – 7th-27th August
SERGE LESAGE – warehouse 31st July – 15th August, office 31st July – 4th August
TRIBU' – doesn't close
VARASCHIN – 5th August – 3rd September
VENERAN – 10th August – 1st September
WALL&DECO’ – 7th-23rd August