In the case of SCIC, the rhetorical meaning has reached its peak: the name encapsulates all the history, past and future, of the famous Italian kitchen manufacturer. First and foremost, SCIC is a solid and truthful acronym: to meet the increasing need for domestic innovation by Italian women, in 1963 Mr Renzo Fornari founded Super Cucine Italiane Componibili (Super Italian Fitted Kitchens), with the idea of creating a superior product in terms of design and construction quality. But, over and above linguistic rationality, the sound of this name brings to mind a world of emotions, beauty, refinement and elegance: the SCIC (pronounced CHIC) style has always been exactly that, “chic”.

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  • Russia
  • Ucraina
  • Bielorussia
  • Kazakistan
  • Georgia
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
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  • Tajikistan
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