MC Meroni & Colzani is born by merging of two historical craft companies operating in Brianza since over 50 years: Meroni since three generations has been producing furniture and furnishings; Colzani with a similar path and timeline has been creating sofas and textile accessories.
Two family businesses linked by same paths that are based on tradition and tailoring, now moving on the research and innovation way.
Important to highlight the idea of MADE in ITALY: that's why the products and projects tailored signed by MC Meroni & Colzani are made using 100% Italian workers able to shape noble materials such as wood, leather and the most precious fabrics and skilled in using the most modern technology which guarantees unthinkable manufacturing.
Surprising, innovating, trying to deceive the time with shapes that take from ancient styles but redesigned through the use of new materials and new finishes.
MC Meroni & Colzani born with this spirit and with one single goal: to offer its customers in Italy and around the world a sense of familiarity and exclusivity dictated by a very high attention to details and what makes the difference in a product that we like to call tailor made
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